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ArtistUnited is an assocciation and service provider defending the interests of employers and employees in the cultural sector. 

From the artist’status to professional solutions for recruitment, payments and payrolling, we are your dedicated partner in the artistic sector !


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Tax-free prices and quality service, with a test room for all.

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 We have developed a "turnkey" solution for increasing the revenues of artists performing before live audiences.

Our idea is simple : captation of perfomance extracts is considerably increasing nowadays (everybody has a smartphone now...). and images are broacast on the internet without any possible control of their copyright and consequently without any financial return.

Our solution is simple too, the artist simply "splits" his fee in 2 :
- one half as a performance provider
- the other half as royalties for the artist's image right on internet (with the "Tacite Contract")

Royalties are less taxed, so the artist can increase his revenues.

(The management fees for the first contract are free to BookMyProd users)